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As one of the earliest settlements and site of the first events in America’s fight for independence, Boston is a city rich in American history that was first settled to take advantage of the large, natural harbor protected by many outer islands. Today, it is a vibrant and attractive city that mixes old world charm and modern chic like no other place in America. Truly the cultural and commercial hub of New England, Boston is home to many prestigious universities, world-class museums, theatres, excellent restaurants, art galleries and sophisticated boutiques. Much of the old working waterfront has been restored over the past thirty years, with the opening of several first-class marinas that are ideally located in the heart of downtown and provide easy access by foot to all the many attractions and historical sites. Another great activity is to explore by boat or kayak the many outer islands of Boston Harbor that each have a story to tell. Across the harbor is a major international airport that helps make Boston the perfect gateway to explore New England by boat.

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